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Some Thoughts about Thanksgiving

(This was written the week before Thanksgiving, I’m running behind with posting!)

I’m sitting in a nice coffee shop this afternoon. There is a fire in the fireplace and I am here with some writer friends. We write a bit, chat a bit and drink delicious coffee. I am thankful that I am able to do this. The café is run by a local church so they have nice music in the background and a playground room next door.

Today, they have Christmas decorations out. The trees are covered with little white lights, and the throw pillows have snowflakes on them. It is festive, but not garish. I’m feeling the mood for the holidays begin to blossom.

My husband and I are planning a major trip in December this year. We have less than a month before we go—a month that includes two holidays! (The trip is in two weeks now.)

I am set for Thanksgiving, except for some last minute shopping, and most of the Christmas shopping is done. That is a new one for us, since we have been known to hit the stores on Christmas Eve. It is nice to get everything done ahead of time. Things were also eased by the fact that I asked our kids what they wanted. Yay! Of course they still add things to the lists, but we can cope with that.

I have plans to decorate the house on Friday or Saturday this week. I don’t like to rush the season, but this year I want the decorations out so we have plenty of time to enjoy them before we leave. Our family Christmas is planned for December 17, then our church Christmas dinner is on the 18. We set off on our journey on the 20. Things will be busy between now and then!

Meanwhile, I am concentrating on being thankful. I have a wonderful family and two of my children live nearby. My middle son is in the Air Force, so he has to go where they send him. I am thankful for his desire to serve, and for his safe return from deployment.

I am thankful for our house, and our friends. My writers group is important and I have known some of them for 18 years. We have a great church family, and nice places like this café to meet in.

All in all, life is very good.

B is for Boo-boo

Boo-boos are little mistakes, things that can be easily fixed. Bigger problems need more dramatic language, like crisis, injury, or, grievance.

On the way home for the conference in Stoneboro, we encountered a boo-boo—we ran out of gas

Two factors led to this: the gas gauge is not accurate, and my husband forgot to fill up when we stopped for dinner. We tried to remedy that at the next exit, but the gas station there was defunct. We headed back to the highway, but not for long. We soon coasted to a stop out of the way of traffic.

We called AAA, and they dispatched a truck with gas.

We had stopped only three miles from the next gas station, but three miles is a long way to walk to make a phone call or but a can of gas. We didn’t have a can in the car, and a 12 ounce soda bottle doesn’t go far when trying to start a car. Trust me, I’ve tried it, and that time I had a 24 ounce bottle. This time we made the call from the car, and all we had to do was sit back and wait for an hour. We even had some entertainment, although my nook ran out of charge before the time was up.

Right there as I sat in the car waiting, I was thankful for several things.

  1. We were safely off the road.
  2. The weather was good.
  3. We had cell phones.

We got home later than we expected, but thanks again to the handy cell phones, we could let our son know we would be late, but were okay.

All in all, a boo-boo, not a crisis. Thank you Lord.