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Time for Knitting

March 8, 2016

I have been busy lately, but not working on writing projects. That’s okay, sewing and knitting projects are important too, especially paying orders.

I am also working on designing knitted mitts. I love mitts, and I have a few designs with features that I like, so now I am working on coming up with a pattern that incorporates these favorite features:

  • I like a shaped thumb. This allows for some length to be added. Hey, my thumbs need to be warm too!
  • I like a little fancy to them, so I am designing a space to insert lace or cabling.
  • I like a snug cuff.
  • I like the hand part to cover my knuckles.
  • I like the hand part to be smooth with the texture on the back.

When I’m done, I should have a pattern that I can adapt for different purposes and seasons, and even leave plain when the yarn is special and needs to shine on its own.

I have some yarns that I’m looking forward to making into mitts:

  • Self-striping wool in brown, beige and strawberry pink—just like an ice-cream cone.
  • Cotton blend in pastel colors.
  • Wool and silk that is as soft as a cloud
  • Variegated pink
  • Speckles




These will be going into my Etsy store soon–Misty heather, extra long and very warm; Denim Dream, cashmere and silk, so soft; Spring Blossom, carefree cotton. Which is your favorite?

I had a busy week, and totally forgot to post this last Tuesday. I put it off because I wanted to include some pictures. I got my phone out this morning and grabbed some pics. I also took a picture of my latest completed project. I started this sweater last summer, now it is finished just in time for hot weather. Oh well, it will still be here in the fall, and there may be a few cool days to come.



I’d like to hear what you look for in a pair of mitts. I might even use your ideas some day!

F is for Frogging

Frogging is what you do when you have to take your knitting apart. It is not fun, especially if it is a finished garment with all the loose ends carefully woven in.

“Don’t you knit a swatch?” I hear my loyal readers exclaim.

I do, but sometimes I relax as I knit and the gauge gets looser. The sweater gets bigger, and by the time I am done, it fits like a sack and I shove it in the closet. After it has hidden in the depths for a while, I decide the yarn is worthy of a better project, and out it comes. Yes, I have completely remade at least one sweater.

A year or so ago I made a “capelet”. The picture showed an elbow length pullover with a hood. I thought it would be cute for those days when you need a hat and neck warmer, but not a whole coat. It also was reversible with a two color style of knitting I had just learned. I got the kit on sale for an amazing price, and hauled out my circular needles, eager to cast on.

My swatch came out all right so off I went. One problem with knitting in circular needles is that it is hard to judge the size as you go along. Due to the two color reversible pattern, I had twice as many stitches on the needle as usual, making it even harder to judge. I forged ahead, certain that my gauge was right.

Alas, it was not. By the time I got to the close fitting hood, I knew something was wrong. The neck opening fit around my shoulders, and I did not think the Emperor Palpatine look was for me. I finished it off, because that is the way I roll, but it has been sitting on the floor in a corner ever since.

I recently found a sweater pattern that would look perfect in the colors of the capelet/circus tent, so I began the frogging. After a couple of nights watching TV and winding the yarn into balls, I was ready to go. I checked my swatch, accounted for my ease when knitting and started anew. So far, all looks well, and I am hoping for the best.

All was not lost with the capelet—I worked on the two-color reversible stitch and decided I will probably use it on small items like cowls rather than an epic cape. I also learned how to graft the ends together. This involved a trip to the local yarn store where I got a handy laminated cheat sheet to keep in my project bag.

Come fall, I should have a beautiful sweater. I have discovered a couple of problems with the pattern, so I have thrown in my own preferences. Now we’ll see how that works out—I don’t like to frog anything twice.

If you’d like to see some of my knitting, check out my Etsy store: