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S is for Seasons

I love the changing seasons. I wouldn’t want to live somewhere that did not have all four. I’ve thought about what it would look like to knit a scarf illustrating the seasons:

I’d begin in the summer. I’d begin with a thick, soft green in a deep shade, maybe with little tweedy flecks. The pattern would have texture—cables and bobbles—to show the fullness of the harvest. Here and there go locks of red to foreshadow the coming change of season.

Now the colors are red, orange and yellow in a thinner yarn as the trees give up their leaves. The texture is still there—seed stitch and mock cables make a lighter design.

Soon all that’s left are evergreens, spikes of faded green poking the cloud-gray sky. I’d pick a fluffy gray yarn for the clouds with a heathery dark brown for the trees. Since the holidays come during this season, I’d work in red berry beads and some crystal beads for sparkle.

Deep winter is white lace. I think I’d choose several different whites–angora, merino and silk. The patterns would be reminiscent of snow flakes and ice crusted tree branches. I might work in a touch of black.

Then comes spring. Palest green buds, a contrast stitch woven in here and there, then a hint of pink, a bit of darker red, a stripe of lilac and then more green. The greens would gradiate toward a darker green until I finish off with a thick dark green, that same one I started with.

I think this scarf would need some fringe, so I’d cut strips of every color to garnish the ends.

What would your scarf look like?