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Free This Weekend

Because it’s my birthday today, Solo Flight is free Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don’t miss out–hop on over and get it. Your Kindle will thank you. I will thank you. If you leave a review, you will earn my undying appreciation. Enjoy.



We Have Lift-off


I am very pleased to launch my second speculative fiction book: Solo Flight.

Set in space, this shows a conflict between humans and cyborg as they both struggle to survive away from their home planet. The only way to survive being stranded on an uninhabitable planet is for Lt. Honor Drake to bond her brain functions with an enemy cyborg ship.

Will she be able to use this merger to help her people reach a peace agreement with the hostile cybernetic mother ship? The superior technology of the cyborgs threatens the settlement and the pioneers who struggle to keep their culture alive. Will her relationship with Camron Markwell survive the bond? Is there anything the humans can offer the cyborgs?

It is also my birthday on Friday, so I am running a special this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Kindle edition will be free! It doesn’t get better than that, so hop over to Amazon and check it out. After the special, it will be $1.99—hours of enjoyment for the price of a greeting card.

http://www.amazon.com/Solo-Flight-encounter-humans-cyborg-ebook/dp/B01BFMSTKY/ref=sr_1_14?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1454622501&sr=1-14&keywords=solo+flightsolo floght

Previews of Coming Attractions

I have a couple of projects in the works that will be available soon: a new novel—Solo Flight, and a new Etsy store—HandKnitComfort.

Solo Flight is a space adventure involving Honor Drake. When she is stranded on an inhospitable planet, she must decide if it is worth risking bonding with a cybernetic enemy ship in order to escape. Through the bond, she learns who the enemy is, and why they are attacking.

HandKnitComfort is a shop of hand knit clothing and accessories. I enjoy knitting for relaxation and therapy. It keeps my hands nimble and I feel productive when I am watching TV, but I have produced more scarves, sweaters and mitts than I can wear myself.

What do they have in common? Exploration.

Honor lives on a Base Station, and exploration is part of her mission. As I wrote this book, I explored a new genre—Science Fiction. I discovered I am more at home in speculative fiction than safe in homey romances or cozy mysteries.

I love exploring new knitting stitches and trying new types of yarn. As I work one pattern, I imagine others that would benefit from the yarn I am using. I have been collecting one-skein patterns to expand my repertoire of yarns. (Some of those babies are pricey!)

Are you ready to come explore with me?