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Walking with Lexi

Summer is in full swing now. This is very exciting for my dog. There are kids outside all the time, not just after school. Lexi needs to keep an eye on them. Sometimes they walk by the house. What nerve! She lets us know there are trespassers.

“It’s okay, Lexi. They’re just kids. They can walk by.”

But they have bicycles, and skate boards, and balls! They must be barked at.

It isn’t just the kids. Grownups are enjoying their motorcycles. They roar by, turn around and roar back. Lexi barks, and jumps, running around in a circle, deftly avoiding getting tangled in her leash. She is so silly. Trucks are equally exciting, whether new and shiny or old and noisy.

There are squirrels, bunnies and birds. Yes, summer life is exciting for a little dog.

She took me for a long walk this morning. First stop is the little white dogs’ house. She pauses to see if they are outside. If she doesn’t see them right away, she’ll go around the corner of the yard to check. She will stand at the gate and look longingly into their yard until I give a tug on her leash to move her along.

There was a lot to check out today. I like to see what is growing in other people’s yards; Lexi checks her pee-mail. I admire her shiny fur; she looks up to make sure I am keeping up with her.

She has another friend she likes to stop and chat with—the Rottwieler in the white house. They have never met in person, but boy they love to catch up on the news. When we are getting close to the house, Lexi picks up speed, straining against the leash, scraping her claws on the sidewalk. I have to hurry to keep up. She stops at the window and looks up, quivering with excitement. If the Rottie is there, they both bark and dance around. I fear for the window. If she is not there, Lexi waits and gives a little whine.

One day, the curtains were drawn. Strange. Lexi looked, and waited, finally giving a little bark. Nothing. Soon she got excited, and I noticed a nose appear between the curtains. Pretty soon the curtains moved aside and Lexi and her friend greeted each other enthusiastically.

Don’t you think dogs have conversations? Lexi has such an expressive face, I am sure she does. After all, she understands English. Here she is lounging in her favorite chair–all tuckered out. Fear not, she will be ready to go again in a few minutes!

lexie in chair

P is for Persistence

I chose persistence this week instead of my other favorite—procrastination. Yes, I have posted this a little late in the week, but that is just the way I roll. I want to focus on the positive a little.

Persistence is when you just keep going. Just get out of bed one more day. Do you have a dog? Dogs can help you be accountable; they can be very persistent when they want to go out. Then you have to get out of bed, throw some clothes on and move.

Persistence is writing that blog every week even if you wonder if anyone reads it. Fortunately, the blog platform does tell me when someone reads it, so that is encouraging. I will keep at it to build my presence. It is good exercise. This alphabet challenge is a good prompt for weekly posts, and my friends who are participating keep me accountable as well.

Persistence is editing even when you aren’t sure if the book is any good. (Here is where that other friend procrastination butts in.) You will never find out if you don’t finish it. Everybody has doubts now and then; persistence is what keeps us going in spite of the doubts.

Persistence is taking those pesky meds everyday even when they don’t seem to have any effect. That’s probably because they are working! I hate taking meds, but as I get older, my body needs some help to function properly. Even my brain needs some help. Maybe you’re young and think your brain should be working. Have people told you to just “get over it?” Four out of five people in my family need medication for various reasons and we all hold each other accountable. In fact we have a rule that you do not stop taking your meds without telling someone. If you need money, we will help. Meds are important.

You are important, too. Hey, you are here reading my blog which will keep me going at least one more week. I bet you go out of bed to do it, didn’t you? Keep going. Be persistent. I’ll see you next week.

L is for Lexie

Lovely, lively, little Lady Lexie

We have a new dog at our house. She is a three year old Cairn terrier with a lot of personality.

My husband has always been a fan of big dogs—BIG dogs, the kind they label as giant breeds—so a little Cairn terrier was something new for us. I have to blame my daughter. Last year she adopted a shi-tzu mix. Teddy taught us that little dogs have just as much personality as the big dogs, but they fit better on your lap.

My husband likes to check the SPCA web site to look at the pictures of big dogs, and he started to point out the little breeds to me. We both know that we can’t manage a big dog, and we don’t have a yard to let them play in anymore. The more we played with Teddy, the more I started to think it would be nice to have a little dog of our own. When Lexie appeared on the web-site, we decided to check her out right away.

At first she was a little shy and spent a lot of time in her crate. Then we found a ball. Balls are the best toy ever! Yay! She loves to play fetch, and little dogs can play in the house without trashing your furniture. It’s fun to watch her navigate the legs of the dining room chairs to get the ball that bounced into the corner. She runs back with it and gives it to a specific person. She takes turns. She gets a little annoyed if you don’t pick it up right away, and nudges it closer. Sometimes she just noses it around and makes it squeak.

When we go out for a walk, Lexie means business—no wandering around for her. She trots down the street giving me a good workout. Sometimes I am just not fast enough for her and she has a little skip she does. Finding the good smells is the most important thing for her. Sometimes she finds a good one and just has to lie down and enjoy it. I learned the hard way not to encourage this behavior.

The other day she found a wonderful smell—the best smell ever. It was one of those invisible to the human nose kind of smells; I couldn’t even identify the source. Well, she stopped and sniffed, then got down and rolled in it. My daughter and I had to laugh at her antics. She rolled on her back with her little paws in the air and a smile on her face and wiggled and rolled until the smell was fully activated.

It was not a wonderful smell. I think it was poop. Lexie was very pleased with this new perfume. I decided she needed a bath before she had a chance to share this delight with the family, or more particularly, the sofa. She put up with the bath graciously, but spent the rest of the day in her crate.

She barks at motorcycles—doesn’t everybody? Once a motorcycle drove past our house and she ran out of the crate to the door, barked at it once, then ran back to the crate. We get a lot of laughs just hanging out with her.

So far, she has exhibited no desire to be a lap dog, but we are patient. She lets us pet her now and seems to enjoy it. One day she spent the afternoon on the recliner instead of in her crate. We are still getting to know each other. We have even signed up for training classes—I’m not really sure who will be getting trained, but we should have fun.Lexie in cratelexie in chair