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New Beginnings

The weather changed its mind and went from cold and grouchy to sunny and pleasant and so did my mood. The snow we got last weekend came with some raw temps, and I had to haul out my scarves, hats and mitts. I drew the line at the down parka—not going to wear that in April! I felt as dreary as the gray sky.

Tuesday was frustrating—two out of three family cars were out of service and my husband had to coordinate towing and repairs. My brain felt jangled and I couldn’t think straight. He suggested I walk the dog. What a good idea! A little exercise always helps, as well as the company of a frisky pup. I stepped out into the sunshine. What a blessing.

I didn’t need gloves or scarves. A cool breeze whisked away the jangled thoughts and I relaxed in the sun while Lexi did her business, then we were off. I let her lead and we had a very pleasant walk sniffing the good sniffs and enjoying the sights. Sometimes a little change is all you need to bring on a new outlook. The cars were repaired with a minimum of fuss and things are back to normal.

I started a new knitting project. It was fun to match up some yarn from the stash I got when a local store went out of business with a pattern for a short cape. It is just right for this weather, now I have to master the pattern.

It is one of those deceptively easy ones with a three stitch repeat, but the challenge came when I tried to work in increases. The first time around it looked awful and I had to admit after 16 rows I must have gone wrong somewhere. I pulled it all out and started over where the pattern began. The second time around it looked better, but not exactly like the picture. I kept going until I got the 16th row and discovered I had made a mistake. A mistake that looked great, in fact it actually matched the picture. Yay! So I frogged it again—back to the beginning of the pattern and went for the third attempt. So far, so good, we’ll see what happens when I get to the 16th row, but this time I have high hopes.

Maybe next time I should swatch the pattern to make sure know what it looks like on a straight piece before I put in the increases. What do you think?

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful day, even if it is gloomy where you live.

Sunshine and Spring

The sun is shining today! It isn’t cold—I ventured out without a sweater. I love this spring-like weather, and I hope we don’t get blasted with a mini winter after the daffodils have bloomed.

My dog likes this weather too. The breeze brings fresh new smells and sometimes she doesn’t know which way to turn. It’s nice to take a walk without the parka, boots, hat, scarf and gloves. Lexi always seems a little puzzled as to why I need all this stuff just to go outdoors. Her fur is enough for her. Actually, I have to admit that she likes almost any weather except pouring rain. She is a real all weather girl. Not me, I like the sun.

So meanwhile I am loving this. Just looking at the sunshine boosts my mood and soon I will be looking for buds. I go crazy when I see buds. When Lexi and I take our walk around the block, there are some fruit trees I keep an eye on to see if they are blooming. Then I have to wander around our yard and check out the grape vine and the blueberry bushes. The rhubarb needs cleaning out, and I am sure there will be sprouts there soon. Will the strawberries yield more than one or two berries this summer? Will I get to them before the birds? Maybe I need some kind of net.

Next, I have to think of the vegetables. Tomatoes, of course, I hope they don’t get blight this year, lettuce and herbs, squash and peppers. My son requested habaneros this year. Hmm.

Last of all some flowers. There are two pots on the front porch that need some color, and I like something for cutting like zinnias. My mom always had zinnias, and she would put out little vases of bright color all over the house.

It is a little too early to begin planting, so in the meanwhile Lexi and I will just enjoy sniffing the good sniffs and looking for buds.