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I is for Independant

I am an indie writer. That means I publish my own books. I have given this a lot of thought over the past fifteen years, and I have a few good reasons why I don’t choose the traditional route.

Print On Demand has made a huge difference in the publishing industry. No longer do books have to be published in a run of thousands, if only one book is needed, one book can be printed. This allows the author to reach a small niche. My first book would not have been published because traditional publishers were not willing to spend the money to market a book that would only appeal to a few thousand people. My second book was too short to meet the publisher’s guidelines.

Now I can store the books in my house easily—I keep about ten copies on hand to take to conferences and workshops.

My writing covers an eclectic range—space, haunted house, vampires, alternate world, Camelot. I was never able to find an agent who would take on the variety. This limited my publisher search to those who will take un-agented manuscripts, a very narrow selection.

Even if I found an agent, I would still be responsible for providing an edited manuscript.

I would still be responsible for a large part of marketing.

So I began to think, if I have to do all the work anyway, why not just publish them myself? That is when Wynding Press Books was born.

I like being independent. I don’t have to meet any deadlines but my own, and I still have all the fun. Later this summer, I am attending the first Christian Indie Writers Conference. Yes, I belong to the CIA. J

Stay tuned for future developments . . .