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Free This Weekend

Because it’s my birthday today, Solo Flight is free Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don’t miss out–hop on over and get it. Your Kindle will thank you. I will thank you. If you leave a review, you will earn my undying appreciation. Enjoy.


We Have Lift-off


I am very pleased to launch my second speculative fiction book: Solo Flight.

Set in space, this shows a conflict between humans and cyborg as they both struggle to survive away from their home planet. The only way to survive being stranded on an uninhabitable planet is for Lt. Honor Drake to bond her brain functions with an enemy cyborg ship.

Will she be able to use this merger to help her people reach a peace agreement with the hostile cybernetic mother ship? The superior technology of the cyborgs threatens the settlement and the pioneers who struggle to keep their culture alive. Will her relationship with Camron Markwell survive the bond? Is there anything the humans can offer the cyborgs?

It is also my birthday on Friday, so I am running a special this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Kindle edition will be free! It doesn’t get better than that, so hop over to Amazon and check it out. After the special, it will be $1.99—hours of enjoyment for the price of a greeting card. floght

Word for 2016: DO


A lot of my friends are choosing a “word of the year” instead of making resolutions and I like that idea. I have a lot of half-finished projects on the table and I need to get them done. To be honest, some of them are more than half done, and are languishing unfinished due to my impressive procrastination skills. They need to be finished.

My word for the year is “Do.” There is no reason to goof off any more, I need to press on! With that in mind, I made a list.

20 items.

Some of them are simple—call the eye doctor—but they need to be done. Today I crossed two items off the list. I now have appointments with the eye doctor and the dentist and I found out that both of these had been put off longer than I realized.

What other items on this list have been put off for years? It might be discouraging to find out, but I am not going to dwell in the past. I am going to press on—to do. Maybe I will get something amazing done this year. Some of the things involve other people, but I can still work on my part.

I have a big pile to post on my Etsy store.

I have two books to get published.

That’s just for starters. Today I might even write a short story.

Look out world!