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Blackmail Blessings

Don’t you hate those Facebook posts that say you will get a blessing if you forward the post to ten of your friends? Or worse, miss a blessing by not forwarding the post.
Frankly, I’d rather bless my friends by not sending them the post. I don’t care how profound the message might be, I don’t like threats.
Then there are the ever-popular posts that will show your love for Jesus if you share them on your page. I think that only shows your ability to click a mouse a couple of times.
Don’t get me wrong, some great ministry is done through social media, but there are better ways to use them without resorting to blackmail.
Post a prayer. Get creative and add a fancy background or colored font. You will bless everyone who reads it, and they might just pass on the blessing in ways you can’t imagine instead of scrolling on in annoyance.
Ask how you can pray for people. I am always touched by the faithfulness of my prayer warrior friends, and that says more about how much they love Jesus than any meme.
May I pray for you? Dear heavenly Father, touch everyone who reads this. Let them know that they are your beloved children, bring them peace, bring them healing. In Jesus Name. Amen