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D is for Doors

One of my current works in progress (Noah’s House: The Trysting Place) is a novel about a house and the people who live in it. I thought it would be nice to illustrate each chapter with a picture of the character it is about. They would have to be dressed appropriately to the period. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I asked my friend and colleague Tonya Wilhelm who is a fantastic photographer if she would be interested in working on this. To my delight, she agreed. In fact she suggested that the pictures be taken in front of the door to the house.

Now I am on a quest for doors. I doubt I could find a whole house that would meet the mental image I have of the house in the book, but I don’t need to. As I walk and drive around my neighborhood, I have my eye out for the right looking door.

First I discovered that I detest the generic aluminum screen door. Here is a picture of mine:


Not only does it obscure the nice looking front door, but it skreetches open and slams abruptly shut. The prop that keeps the door open is too high to be convenient. I’d really like a screen door like my neighbor’s:


Isn’t this pretty? I think it would look nice on our house too.

The house in my book does not have a screen door, so I have been searching for houses that do not have this unfortunate modern feature. Noah’s house is a farmhouse built in 1881, so it does not have to be fancy. Lewisburg and Watsontown have gorgeous doors, but a little out of my range.

Here are a few of my favorites:


This one lives next door. What house did it belong to?


This is not the right period, but the door is pretty. I like the weathered wood.


This one has more of a farmhouse look–here is the door close up:


This one actually is a farmhouse, with a beautiful door. It might be the winner . . .


Keep an eye out, maybe there is a intriguing door near you . . .