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O is for On the Road

August has been an “on the road” month for me, even if I didn’t wander far from home. The first trip was the farthest—my husband and I drove to St. Louis so I could attend Realm Makers 2015. This is a conference for writers of speculative fiction, and it has become my favorite conference. I love connecting with my tribe and the teaching is fantastic. As an added bonus, we can wear costumes to the banquet. This conference has grown from 75 people the first year, to 150 this year.

After I got home, did my laundry and caught my breath, I was off to the Sunbury River Fest with a couple of friends to set up a booth to sell our books. Tonya sold the most—she happened to see the most people she knew. Susan dressed her brand and got comments on her Barrel Racing prize buckle. I thought my Realm Makers T shirt would gain some attention, but alas, not. The comment I heard the most was, “I didn’t know any authors lived around here.” We always countered with a comment about our local critique group West Branch Christian Writers, but inside I wondered where they thought authors lived.

I thought I had some time to breathe, but last Friday one of my friends called to ask me if I had decided not to go to Women of Faith. I wrote it down wrong in my calendar! She said they were all at the church waiting so I grabbed my toothbrush and a bag and off I ran. I felt a little like Bilbo—off in an adventure without a handkerchief. I am so glad I made it. This year is the last for the Women of Faith tour; they are changing things up next year. It will be called Belong and is geared to meet the younger women. I soaked up the farewell messages from my favorite speakers: Thelma Wells, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, and Sheila Walsh.

No breathing this week either. Next weekend I will be able to join West Branch Christian Writers at their first Book Fest. I got a tent and a canopy so I’m good to go. I hope it is not too hot. We were saved at the River Fest by the stand next to us that sold lemonade by the quart! I will be prepared this weekend with a thermos of water.

This is a new venture for our group, but I think it will be a good time to showcase our authors and what we write. Let me tell you, there will be something for everyone, every age.

I hope I sell a few books too.