The Hair of my Dreams

There has been a challenge running around Facebook to pick three fictional characters that are most like you. I gave this a lot of thought because I wanted characters who are like me, not the characters I want to be like. I finally decided on Jo March, Anne Shirley, and Molly Weasley. Interesting. They are all red-heads. My hair is not red by any description, but it was once.

I decided for fun to color my hair red, not maroon or something wild, just a nice red-blonde. My husband was pastor of a church at the time. This blatant act of rebellious vanity was not well received.

Some of my on-line friends exclaimed, “Don’t any on them color their hair?”

Of course they did. The loudest protester colored her hair to match her two-year-old daughter was the loudest. “Did your hair used to be red?”

“No,” I answered.

“Then why is it now?”

Well—I don’t know—for fun, I guess, went through my mind as thoughts but I was too dumbfounded to talk, unlike my three characters who are never at a loss for words. I figured the pastor’s wife is not supposed to color her hair red. I should have asked for a list of approved colors before we moved there, just in case. Churches often have a list they expect the pastor’s wife to conform to.

We subsequently moved away from that town—for reasons other than the red hair—and the color faded out of my hair. If you happen to be a pastor’s wife, you might want to check on this before you do something drastic. I’m just sayin’.

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