Finished Project


Yay, I finished my white blouse. This is a project from my DO list that I started last summer. It is not a difficult pattern and it shouldn’t have morphed into such an ongoing thing, but several things happened to it.

First of all it came out too big. I couldn’t fit it to myself, so I checked into getting or making a dress form. In the end I ordered one. It’s wonderful and it made fitting the blouse a breeze. I had the alterations all marked out, but I got sidetracked and it sat on my table for a while.

Enter the cat. She decided it was a great place to sleep. She bedded down on my nice linen blouse and mashed in lovely wrinkles. She shed on it and ground in the fur. She even barfed on it. Sheesh. It was now filthy.

Finally I got it sewed together enough so I could wash it. Pop—in the washer on warm with a bunch of spot cleaner and it came out nice and white again. If you have ever wondered why they used to make underwear and children’s clothes out of white linen, I can vouch for its practicality. It can be washed in hot water and stains will bleach right out. Hang it in the sun and let nature finish the job. This is workhouse material and it gets softer with wear. It is a shame it is relegated to the “luxury fabric” department.

Now it is done and wearable just in time for spring weather—bring it on!

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