One Project Done

The first project on my Do list to be completed is an organizer for my double point and circular knitting needles. These little devils have a habit of getting tangled and lost in the bottom of the bag.

I had seen a case that I liked, but I didn’t want to spend the money. When the sewing looks simple, I get cheap, besides I have stacks of fabric I can choose from to make something attractive as well as functional.

I used some coat fabric I had left over from my stint in a coat factory. It is a lightweight, silky fabric, but tightly woven so I knew the needles would not poke through. I wanted something sturdy, but not too bulky so it would fold easily. The outside is quilting-type cotton. I trimmed it with a piece of ribbon from my stash box that happened to be just the right size.

There is a store nearby that sells upholstery fabric, and they have piles of remnant squares. I usually have a few on hand, and I thought it would make a nice backing, but, alas, the pieces I had were not big enough.

After that, it was straight forward cutting and sewing. I cut carefully so my pockets would line up nice and straight. The vertical folds were accented with ribbon which also covered the raw edges. I used a button and a strip of elastic to keep it closed.

This was such an easy project, why did I wait so long before I made it?

Would you like to make one? I will have the pattern available soon at my Etsy store. case

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