U is for Under

When I take my dog for a walk, she loves to scrounge for things that are under—under the dead leaves, or the chrysanthemums, or the ivy. She is a small dog, so her nose is right down near the under snuffling away, tail wagging. Sometimes I wonder what has caught her interest, but sometimes I find out. Dogs are fond of things that seem disgusting to me, but she is enjoying herself.
There are good things under the surface. That is where bulbs hide, waiting for the spring to bloom. Little fish swim just under the surface of the water. Shadows are always under something.
What sort of things do we hide underneath our surface? What do we cover up with the “right” clothes or the “right” makeup? Or even the “right” activities?
I’m not saying there is anything wrong with dressing well, or wearing makeup. Sometimes it is important to present a professional appearance, but you can do that without hiding who you really are.
I like to wear t-shirts with humorous illustrations, but I often have to explain the context to my friends. That’s okay, I still love my friends, and I still wear those shirts. It’s my thing.
Three years ago, I discovered Realm Makers—a conference for Christian writers of speculative fiction—and finally found my tribe! It was so nice to have people laugh at my Star Trek shirt without and explanation. They even have a Costume banquet! I feel at home there in all my weirdness.
This lets me be a bit freer to let my weirdness out when I am at home. People may not think I am the type of person who would write a vampire book, but they know I have, and they are interested to find out what comes next.
Go ahead and uncover your true self.
If you are looking for something to read, check out my vampire book.

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