Q is for Quiet and R is for Rest

I have been busy the past couple of weeks and I lost track of time. Please bear with me as I combine the next two letters into one post.

I like quiet when I write. I used to sew for a living, and then I liked sound—radio, TV, records—anything in the background to keep me moving. Writing requires imagination as well as concentration, and I find music distracts me, especially if I know the words and want to sing along.

Nowadays, we have sounds around us all the time. Stores pipe in music to attract us to shop; there is traffic, the occasional siren, and the sounds of people outside. This does change according to the season and if we have our windows open. Sometimes it is good to get away from all this noise and listen to the quiet sounds nature makes.

This week my friend Grace Bridges is visiting. She is from New Zealand, so we wanted to show her some of the beauties of central Pennsylvania. Pine Creek Gorge, or the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon came to the top of our list. It’s been a while since we have been there and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. I looked over the rim down to the creek far below.

No sounds of running water here, no sounds of traffic, only a few other visitors admiring the view alongside me. There were a few natural noises—wind scuffling through dry leaves, birds, and insects. This was true quiet. I gazed at the sculpted hills and breathed in the quiet.

With this quiet came rest for my soul. I get regular rest for my body, but I forget that we have to turn off our rambling minds and let our soul rest. I also discovered that I liked the vista. I have experienced the same kind of rest in a local park that has paths under the trees and a little wandering brook, but this time something was really nourished by the grand view. Letting my eyes focus on the far distance somehow put things in perspective. I think this is why I want to go to the beach—to see the far expanse of the ocean as part of God’s design.

Do you have a special place you like to go for quiet and rest?

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