P is for Persistence

I chose persistence this week instead of my other favorite—procrastination. Yes, I have posted this a little late in the week, but that is just the way I roll. I want to focus on the positive a little.

Persistence is when you just keep going. Just get out of bed one more day. Do you have a dog? Dogs can help you be accountable; they can be very persistent when they want to go out. Then you have to get out of bed, throw some clothes on and move.

Persistence is writing that blog every week even if you wonder if anyone reads it. Fortunately, the blog platform does tell me when someone reads it, so that is encouraging. I will keep at it to build my presence. It is good exercise. This alphabet challenge is a good prompt for weekly posts, and my friends who are participating keep me accountable as well.

Persistence is editing even when you aren’t sure if the book is any good. (Here is where that other friend procrastination butts in.) You will never find out if you don’t finish it. Everybody has doubts now and then; persistence is what keeps us going in spite of the doubts.

Persistence is taking those pesky meds everyday even when they don’t seem to have any effect. That’s probably because they are working! I hate taking meds, but as I get older, my body needs some help to function properly. Even my brain needs some help. Maybe you’re young and think your brain should be working. Have people told you to just “get over it?” Four out of five people in my family need medication for various reasons and we all hold each other accountable. In fact we have a rule that you do not stop taking your meds without telling someone. If you need money, we will help. Meds are important.

You are important, too. Hey, you are here reading my blog which will keep me going at least one more week. I bet you go out of bed to do it, didn’t you? Keep going. Be persistent. I’ll see you next week.

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