K is for Karina Fabian

On August 1, my friend Karina Fabian will be taking over my blog talking about her new “Mind Over” series. I thought I would start here with a little preview.

My introduction to Karina was “Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.” If you like dragons and nuns—and who doesn’t—this will fill the bill. Vern, the dragon detective, and his mage partner Sister Grace are charged with watching a Mensa conference infiltrated with denizens of the faerie world. Mayhem ensues. This is a hysterical romp, with so many jokes I was left with the impression I had missed a few.

Next I dove into “Neeta Lyffe-Zombie Exterminator.” I admit zombies are not my favorite baddies, but this book won me over. Karina has a knack for combining unlikely situations to bring out the humor in both. Neeta is a zombie exterminator who needs to host a reality TV show in order to meet her expenses. It gets better from there.

Having decided I was a fan, I snapped up “Mind over Mind.” This book is a different style, but the action carries you along from an insane asylum to another world. I was actually mad when I found out it was the first in a series that hadn’t been written yet! Well, the wait is finally over.

Find out more about this exciting series on August 1st.

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