J is for July

It’s July already, where has the year gone?

July starts with a lot of celebration, the first is my son’s birthday, and the fourth is Independence Day. I do not recommend having a baby on a holiday weekend. The year he was born, the first was on Friday and the fourth was Monday. A lot of support staff at the hospital took an extra-long weekend. A nurse came in and introduced herself as my primary care nurse. I never saw her again. The food I received was not only not what I ordered, but not even a choice on the menu. At least my husband had Monday off so we could go home and relax.

Around here they get a lot of mileage out of the Independence holiday. One town has its parade the week before, complete with fireworks, other towns observe the traditional day. Lots of candy gets tossed at those parades.

This year, I am busy preparing for two conferences. The Christian Indie Writers Conference will be in Davenport, Iowa the last weekend in July; Realm Makers will be in St. Louis the following weekend.

I have a new book—Solo Flight—I’m working on which I would like to have ready, plus I am working on a costume for the cos-play times. Okay, a costume is not a necessity, but it is fun, and half the fun of these conferences is, well, the fun. I will share pics when everything is done.

Now, I have to get back to work . . .

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