C is supposed to be for Cruise

For Mother’s Day, my husband made reservations for the Hiawatha Mother’s Day brunch Cruise. We would get a buffet brunch while cruising the Susquehanna River for an hour and a half. It sounded great.

The day was perfect. We had seats at a table on the upper -deck, in the open, but under a canopy. A nice breeze wafted through, and we enjoyed chatting with the other couples at our table.

They announced that they were having some engine problems, but even if we left late, we would still get our full cruise.

We ate our tasty lunch with occasional updates on the engine status.

They served a decadent dessert—chocolate mousse or tiramisu.

The potential cruise time got shorter.

They credited us 50% off our ticket price, and drinks were on the house.

We didn’t get a cruise that Sunday, but we had a nice time just the same—beautiful day, beautiful view, and the best company.

Looking over my past alphabet blogs, I am a little concerned about next week. Danger? Doom? Disaster?

I might have to play it safe and write about my daughter’s dog.

One thought on “C is supposed to be for Cruise

  1. Have I ever told you about the time the Hiawatha returned to shore to pick up the ever late Brosius family?

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