A is for Adventure


I spent Saturday, April 25 at a conference in Stoneboro, PA. It was a productive day of teaching, learning and connecting with friends. Stoneboro is about five hours away by car, so I usually stay in a motel the night before. In the past I have gone with friends and we share a room. This year I was on my own, so my husband, Lee, offered to drive and keep me company. He even took the initiative to make a hotel reservation.

“How’s this,” he said, “only $61.00.”

“Do they serve breakfast,” I asked.

“Nope, do you want food, or price?”

“I guess we can go with the price. I’m sure we can find some breakfast before the conference.”

Did I mention that the conference site is in the middle of rolling Pennsylvania farmland? After we passed a couple of service stations that specialized in farm machinery, we asked our handy GPS for suggestions. We tried restaurants—no matches found; convenience stores—no matches found; fast food—no matches found. Hmm, maybe this was not going to be as easy as I thought.

“They have coffee and donuts at the conference. Maybe they would take pity and give you one.”

As I relayed our plight to the girl manning the book table, she nodded in sympathy. “Go ahead and help yourself,” she said.

We chose our favorites—why do I always pick the powdered one—and Lee even remembered he had some half and half in the car. We had an enjoyable breakfast before the majority of attendee began to arrive, then he left me to chat with old friends.

We had another adventure on the way home, but that is a story for another day.

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