Previews of Coming Attractions

I have a couple of projects in the works that will be available soon: a new novel—Solo Flight, and a new Etsy store—HandKnitComfort.

Solo Flight is a space adventure involving Honor Drake. When she is stranded on an inhospitable planet, she must decide if it is worth risking bonding with a cybernetic enemy ship in order to escape. Through the bond, she learns who the enemy is, and why they are attacking.

HandKnitComfort is a shop of hand knit clothing and accessories. I enjoy knitting for relaxation and therapy. It keeps my hands nimble and I feel productive when I am watching TV, but I have produced more scarves, sweaters and mitts than I can wear myself.

What do they have in common? Exploration.

Honor lives on a Base Station, and exploration is part of her mission. As I wrote this book, I explored a new genre—Science Fiction. I discovered I am more at home in speculative fiction than safe in homey romances or cozy mysteries.

I love exploring new knitting stitches and trying new types of yarn. As I work one pattern, I imagine others that would benefit from the yarn I am using. I have been collecting one-skein patterns to expand my repertoire of yarns. (Some of those babies are pricey!)

Are you ready to come explore with me?

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