Choosing Your Words


“The finest words I know cannot begin to tell just how much Jesus means to me.”
The lyrics went on to append “more” to the adjectives—more than wonderful, more than marvelous, and more than miraculous.
This hymn was well-received in church, the choir did a good job, and I joined them singing from my heart, but the lyrics left me cold.
Honestly, I think they are a cop-out. I would use words that portrayed concrete examples of what Jesus has done. Jesus is more than my mind can conceive, but he shows me his wonders every day: crocuses pushing up through a blanket of dry leaves, buds swelling on a branch, even a snowfall that vanished overnight, all signs of his amazing creation. These are things that bring me joy on a gloomy day and let me know better days are coming. I saw these things last week, and there will be something new out there tomorrow. Now that is marvelous.
Jesus can’t be more than miraculous—he is the source of all miracles, from changing water into wine to protecting a young man from serious injury in an accident my sister witnessed.
And I am astounded that the Son of God would choose to leave the glory and beauty of heaven to walk among his broken creatures. He loved us so much, he walked our stony paths, fed us and calmed our fears and then willingly went to a cruel and painful death for us. Then he moved the rock that sealed his tomb and left it empty. He is still alive today.
It is hard to find the right words to do justice to all Jesus has done, but the finest words are all I have; I have to use them the best I can.
Here’s a link to the lyrics; you can listen for yourself.

One thought on “Choosing Your Words

  1. Thanks for putting your thoughts on the page for all to read, Cindy. I think you’ve said something I’ve been longing to hear. Many songs and services have left me somewhat cold. And I couldn’t put my finger on the problem. But here it is in a nutshell or resting on a lily pad. We’ve become too generalized, too vague in our worship. I need more concrete, solid, factual testimonies to visualize Christ and His marvelous works. Yes, I can see the buds on the trees, the crocuses, the sunrise. I, too, see His mercies every day. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention. God bless you.
    See you in a twinkling,

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