One Dreary Day

I jumped full force into the holiday season this year. Before Thanksgiving my daughter and I planned the cookie baking. We filled the freezer—well, almost. We made ornaments and gnomes for gifts and decorated boxes. And now, I have run out of steam.
A couple of things happened this week. We paid the bills. Nothing surprising, I just hate writing the check for the health insurance. We paid a visit to our financial advisor to clarify some things. He is a very encouraging fellow! All day Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday. As a result, some things that were supposed to be done on Wednesday did not get done.
You know what? It’s okay. The really important things will get done. The packages will get wrapped and mailed. I don’t have to “nail” Christmas. There is no right way to have Christmas, the point is to celebrate, not organize a magazine layout. Take time to watch a corny Christmas movie, or an episode of Star Trek.
My daughter’s little dog has the right way to live all figured out. Do these things every day:
Take a walk.
Stop and sniff the good smells.
Have a happy Christmas.

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