Knitting is like writing

I have been knitting a lot lately. I like something to do while I watch TV, and I had an extensive collection of yarn from my mother-in-law. I discovered a vast collection of free patterns on line, and while I have printed out three binders full, I have yet to truly plumb those depths.

I haven’t been writing as much, but I am seeing the similarities.

Plot is like pattern–maybe twisted and cabled, or smooth, multi-colored or solid.

Then there is the project–mittens or short story, sweater or novella, or perhaps an epic like an extra long coverlet or a Doctor Who scarf.

And editing is the finishing touch–do I rip it out or incorporate the “mistake”? Do all the pieces fit smoothly together? Does the garment fit the way I want? Then the final press and it is ready.

What kind of story shall I knit today?

One thought on “Knitting is like writing

  1. A great beginning to a blogging adventure! I love the “do I rip it out or incorporate the ‘mistake’?” In knitting. In writing. And in life!

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